“I write and teach prolifically on landlord and tenant law in New York, because I am a humble student of landlord and tenant law in New York for 25 years. There is never a day that I show up for work that I do not learn something new about this dynamic area at the heart of real property law. There is so much law associated with New York City real estate, and it’s constantly changing. The legislature is so often unclear and the courts so often disagree. Furthermore, the longer I practice, the more I see the nuances in the material, and the opportunity to deliver value to my clients by approaching old problems in new ways. If a landlord and tenant lawyer is doing her job correctly, then the work never gets easy and it never gets old. Thus, I write. On our blog you will find almost 500 posts I have written over the years. Also, on the booklets page you will find my nearly 25 lengthy substantive pamphlets on various landlord and tenant topics. Don’t forget to check out the events page for direction to the most recent content.”

Michelle Itkowitz

Owner, Itkowitz PLLC