At Itkowitz PLLC we proudly represent all kinds of residential tenants:

  • Rent Stabilized tenants
  • “Free Market” tenants
  • People renting luxury apartments
  • Subtenants
  • Roommates
  • People in co-living situations and shares of all kinds
  • Co-op shareholder proprietary lessees
  • If you are just sleeping on your cousin Xander’s couch in Bushwick, we can represent you.

We seek always to give you accurate and actionable information on your legal rights as a tenant. Including:

  • What the law is and where to find it;
  • What to do to fix a bad housing situation; and
  • How to prevent problems in the first place.

Here are just a few of the topics we can help you with:

With our help you can spend less time on your living situation and more time living in this greatest city in the world.