Welcome to the Tenant Law Podcast!


June 30, 2023

Welcome to the Tenant Law Podcast, where we talk about new, interesting, and/or important legal cases affecting New York City tenants. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google.

Michelle Itkowitz is your host. Each episode is about 10 minutes long. First, we give you some background, so you have the context to understand the case we are discussing. Then we talk about the case itself. And finally, we explain why the case is important, and give you our Tenant Takeaway!

In some episodes, Michelle answers listener questions on the pod. Email us your questions at tenantlawpodcast@gmail.com.

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Remember New York City – the law belongs to you. But your ownership of the law is only as great as your understanding of the law. So, let’s learn, to live better!

Here is a list of episodes so far (List updated as of September 3, 2023):

Episode 15: Can excessive noise from a neighboring apartment legally justify a tenant withholding rent in New York City? And can a tenant run a daycare in their NYC apartment?

Episode 14: If you leave your apartment for a long time, can your landlord change the locks?

Episode 13: You might be Rent Stabilized and/or overcharged if your landlord changed the size of your apartment before you moved in!

Episode 12: You may have rights to an apartment you live in even if you are not the tenant and the lease is not in your name; And what is the difference between a licensee and a squatter?

Episode 11: Getting Your Security Deposit Back; Many Tenants Have a Right to a Pre-Exit Inspection

Episode 10: What does tenant harassment really look like?

Episode 9: If my landlord asks me to move out of my Rent Stabilized apartment, into another apartment in the same building, does my Rent Stabilized status move with me?

Episode 8: Will the Housing Court recognize polyamorous relationships when making decisions about who can succeed to (inherit) a Rent Stabilized apartment?

Episode 7: Can I run a business from my NYC apartment and not risk eviction?

Episode 6: How do I succeed to (inherit) a Rent Stabilized apartment?

Episode 5: Is there no chance that I am Rent Stabilized if my lease says in big letters across the top that I am not Rent Stabilized? And the difference between Rent Control and Rent Stabilization.

Episode 4: I am a subtenant; I think the tenant I am renting from is Rent Stabilized and overcharging me. What do I do? Can I collect my overcharge award directly from the landlord?

Episode 3: Can I gain leverage in Housing Court if my landlord makes a procedural mistake?

Episode 2: Was my rent break for my Rent Stabilized apartment a one-time rent concession or a permanent “Preferential Rent”? And should I join a class action against my landlord?

Episode 1: Where do I bring a harassment case against my landlord?